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Ntinga Gems


Ntinga Launches Brand New Loose Gemstone Business

Ntinga is becoming a new and innovative player in the gemstone industry, having built a stellar reputation for crafting exceptional gemstone jewellery. Ntinga is now applying their years of expertise to offer loose gemstones. This new collection includes a wide array of precious gemstones, exclusively selected for their unique beauty and rarity.

The company’s mission is to partner with their suppliers worldwide and ensure that we can provide a wide selection of loose gemstones and one-off special stones which have been hand picked and sourced to include rare and unique varieties. Each gemstone is meticulously selected and expertly cut to maximize its natural beauty and brilliance

To celebrate this exciting expansion, Ntinga is offering exclusive promotions for a limited time, which will include a gemstone display box and personalised gemstone cleaning cloth, loop and tweezers. They also will continue to empower customers with knowledge, from the retailers having a better understanding of the variety of colours and cuts available in gemstones and where they are sourced and mined.

To support the launch of the Loose Gemstones Collection, Ntinga will be upgrading its online platform to provide an engaging shopping experience. Customers can explore the new collection through high-resolution images, detailed descriptions, and interactive 360-degree views.

With the introduction of the Loose Gemstones Collection, Ntinga Gems continues to innovate and expand its offerings and will continue to offer a bespoke design service so customers can select their chosen gemstone and see the process through the design to the finished piece of jewellery.


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