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Gemstone Guide: Amethyst and Ametrine

Sources: Brazil, USA, Uruguay and Zambia

Mineral: Quartz

Hardness: 7

Amethyst Colour: Purple with shades varying from dark to light

Ametrine Colour: Mix of amethyst purple and citrine yellow caused from the oxidation giving it a unique colour change.

Clarity: Most amethysts have no inclusions and many that do are made into cabochon stones

Treatments: heat treatment is the most common technique for improving the colour of a natural amethyst, it can lighten the colour but cannot darken the colour.

Care and Cleaning: Amethysts can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually safe, but do not steam clean.

Birthstone: February

Stone Properties: Emotional healing promoting peacefulness and contentment.


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